April 18, 2018

Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt!

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I am SO happy to announce the return of the Binkerton kids!

A few years back, Bill Slavin and I created a lots-of-fun, innovative book series about three time-traveling siblings for Kids Can Press that was . . . well . . . before its time. We called the books comic-book histories — but only because the term "graphic novel" was not yet in widespread use. The books were a combo of humorous adventure story and non-fiction information, and kids who found them LOVED them! But filed away in the hardcover history shelves of libraries, they weren't always easy to find . . .

Fast-forward to 2018! I am delighted to announce the Binkertons' return in a new, kid-friendly, softcover graphic-novel format — updated, improved and expanded! Here's what they look like inside — funny adventure story on top, accurate information about civilization below:

And here's some of the all-new, extra material at the back. I have always loved reading/researching history, but even so, I was surprised by how much fun it was to revisit this ancient world. (The Egyptian sunshine was especially welcome on days of Vancouver drizzle.)

And as I look at the new cover, I'm going to guess that Bill had fun too with the art.

So welcome back to Josh, Emma and Libby Binkerton! I MISSED YOU GUYS! And I'm sooo happy to see you heading back into stores, schools and libraries in this fabulous fresh edition. Thanks, Kids Can Press!

P.S. Coming soon — Stowing Away with the Vikings and On the Run in Ancient China.

January 19, 2018

The Perogy Party!

What could possibly be more amazingly, comfortingly, cheesily delicious  than a few hundred hand-made perogies?

The photo above shows me and my sisters — Debbie (centre) and Wendy (right), just a few weeks ago in Vancouver. My year-end holidays this year were an exciting time. Not just Christmas, New Year's and my daughter Tess's birthday as usual. But also a wedding! Tess got married on New Year's eve to Lucas. It was an absolutely brilliant wedding, and everyone was thrilled!!!

Not least, if I do say so myself, by the bowls of home-made perogies. My family had gathered together as families do for weddings, and as part of the celebrations, we decided to go back to our Polish and Ukrainian prairie immigrant origins — and make perogies. Lots of them. From scratch. With our hands.

So one rainy Saturday in Vancouver, my sisters, my daughters, my nieces, my grand-niece and I — and one very brave niece's boyfriend — all gathered around a giant bowl of dough and an even more gigantic bowl of cheesy-potatoes, and proceeded with the extreeeemely labour-intensive job of making perogies.

At first our efforts were hampered by the fact that most of our labour force were rank amateurs. But luckily, they were quick learners. A few sharp raps across the knuckles soon brought them into line, and perogies amassed. It only took an hour or two — okay, three — to hand-make all the perogies you see in the top photo. And since you ask . . . YES, they were amazing! And YES, they were the hit of the wedding. 

Why am I telling you all this on my blog? Because there could be a book in it. Hasn't been done, right? I don't know a single book anywhere about a perogy party.

Okay then. It's January. Less eating. More writing. Enough said.

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