April 18, 2018

Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt!

I am wildly happy to announce the return of the Binkerton kids!

A few years back, Bill Slavin and I and Kids Can Press created an innovative book series about three time-traveling siblings that was . . . well, maybe . . . before its time? We called the books comic-book histories — but only because the term "graphic novel" was not then in general use. The books combined a humorous adventure story with non-fiction info, and kids who found them loved them! But filed away on separate history shelves, they weren't always easy to find . . .

Fast-forward to 2018! I'm delighted to announce the Binkertons' return in a new, kid-friendly, soft-cover, graphic-novel format — updated, improved and expanded! Here's what they look like inside. Fiction on top, non-fiction below:

And here's some of the all-new, extra material at the back. (So much fun for me to revisit this ancient world.)

So welcome back to Josh, Emma and Libby Binkerton! I MISSED YOU GUYS! Thanks, Kids Can Press!

P.S. Coming soon — Stowing Away with the Vikings and On the Run in Ancient China.